February 28, 2021

Covite denounces a poster with photos of ETA prisoners in Vitoria

The group of victims of terrorism of ETA (Covite) of the Basque Country has denounced this Wednesday the appearance in the festive precinct of Vitoria, which lives its supervisory celebrations, of a large poster with the photos of about twenty ETA prisoners.

The poster, which also shows the phrase "Maite zaituztegu" (we love you), has been placed in the area of ​​"txosnas" (holiday booths) that year after year are located in the area of ​​the University.

Covite, through social networks, asks the mayor of the capital of Alava, Gorka Urtaran, if this does not seem like a "vilification" towards the victims of terrorism.

The group recalls recent statements by the mayor in which he advocated that the receipts to the ETA express were made privately, precisely so as not to vilify the victims.

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