Covid incidence triples in unvaccinated people

The Minister of Health of the Canary Islands Government, Blas Trujillo, acknowledged yesterday Tuesday in the Plenary of Parliament that there is a “continued increase” in infections by coronavirus in the Canary Islands, in line with the national average, although it has specified that the incidence in the unvaccinated triples that of the vaccinated.

In response to a question from the Popular Group, he pointed out that the predominant variant in the Canary Islands is the original delta, with more than 97% of infections and 10% above the national average, while the delta plus is “residual” .

In addition, he noted that 86.2% of the population has the complete vaccination schedule and almost 95,000 people have already received the three doses.

Given the criticism of the PP, Trujillo commented that the Canary Islands is the autonomous community with the most control measures, not being among those with the most infections and therefore, work is being done on the return of the presentation of the Covid certificate in risk activities although he warned that they cannot control the “judicial chaos.”

Miguel Ángel Ponce (PP) commented that a “new wave” has arrived that he did not expect “to be so intense” and regretted that they do not want to adopt the measures requested by his group. “It is pure politics, because I am from the PP and I am ignored,” he added. He said that Canary airports “arrive unvaccinated” and the explosiveness of infections “may be due to the delta or delta plus variant” given that the Canary Islands is the community with the most imported cases “and has risen 10% in a week.”

Miguel Ángel Ponce demands more controls at airports and that the negative test be implemented


Ponce demanded more controls at the airports because those that are carried out are “isolated” and therefore, requested that the negative test be implanted to enter the islands because “it is positive” for the safety of the tourist destination and the resident population.

He pointed out that “something is happening” because “there are tourists intubated in ICUs” and in the face of “judicial chaos” with the approval of measures, he defended the promotion of a pandemic law because “the virus is unique and there are 17 communities legislating differently ».

At the moment, given the increase in infections, several communities, such as Navarra, Aragón, La Rioja or Catalonia, are proposing to extend the mandatory nature of the covid certificate to access certain establishments or participate in mass events, while the Public Health Commission yesterday, Tuesday, analyzed whether to start the booster dose for those over 60 years of age and modify the criteria of the covid traffic light.In this sense, Minister Carolina Darias, after announcing the new Covid traffic light yesterday, pointed out that she is betting that it is very It is important to “continue vaccinating” the population as it is being done.


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