July 15, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico totals 208,392 infections and 5,779 deaths

The COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico reached 208,392 infections and 5,779 deaths this Friday, with 5,441 cases and 771 deaths reported this day by the country’s health authorities.

José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology of the Government of Mexico, confirmed in a press conference that in the last 24 hours, coronavirus infections showed a growth of 2.7% compared to 202,951 the previous day.

Deaths since the start of the pandemic due to the SARS-CoV2 virus showed a daily increase of 719 cases, 2.8% compared to 25,060 in the previous technical report, the health official explained.

In addition to the accumulated deaths, Alomía said that the authorities have the report of 1,903 suspected deaths that are in the process of a laboratory study to confirm or rule out whether they died from COVID-19.

The director of Epidemiology indicated that they are available in the country. 25,786 active cases corresponding to patients who developed symptoms in the last 14 days, which meant an increase of 259 more patients than the previous day.

A total of 542,120 people have undergone clinical tests for the coronavirus, of which 267,288 had a negative result and another 66,440 are still considered as suspects pending the results of their laboratory studies.

The hospital network to attend to cases of severe respiratory disease has 27,133 general beds, of which 45%, or 12,085 are occupied by patients, confirmed Alomia.

He confirmed that of the intensive care beds, which are those that have a ventilator to treat seriously ill patients, the hospital network reported 9,229 beds, of which 3,557 are occupied, 39%.

Mexico City (45,977) and the State of Mexico (32,667) are the entities that register the highest concentration of accumulated cases since the start of the pandemic, also of active cases and deaths from the disease.


The general director of Health Promotion, Ricardo Cortés, reported that for the week of June 29 to July 5, 14 will be in the red color of the epidemiological traffic light and the other 18 will implement the color orange, including Aguascalientes and the capital Mexican, which a week ago were in red.

At the red light, hotels can have an occupancy of 25%. Restaurants can only sell food to take away, beauty salons, barbershops and hairdressers, they only receive by appointment, parks open to 25% of their capacity.

When they change to an orange light, hotels increase their activity to 50%, restaurants can have 50% table occupancy, as can parks and hairdressers, and shopping centers can have 75% occupancy.


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