March 6, 2021

COVID-19 infections in Peru exceed 65,000, more than 3,000 in the last 24 hours

The number of infections with the COVID-19 in Peru amounted to 65,015 cases this Saturday, with 3,168 more patients than on Friday, while the deceased increased by one hundred and reached 1,814, according to the report of the Ministry of Health.

After 55 days of quarantine in the country, the health authorities have carried out tests to rule out the pandemic to 494,250 people, of whom 6,220 are hospitalized and 20,246 were discharged at the end of treatment.

The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, extended the quarantine on Friday until May 24, with mandatory immobilization during the nights, closure of borders, and with some economic activities operating again starting Monday.

“We have to extend the state of emergency for two more weeks, until Sunday the 24th, because it would not be responsible for us who, when we are with a contagion rate greater than one, lift it. That would generate a regrowth,” Vizcarra reported.


According to the evaluation of the disease in the country, the contagion rate has to drop to less than one in order to lift the confinement.

“Currently, with this social immobilization, each person who has a virus infects one, not three as it was at the beginning. This effort has managed to lower the contagion rate to 1.1 or 1.2,” said Vizcarra.

However, the rapid spread of the virus has caused the collapse of the health system in various regions of the country, such as the Amazon Loreto, where at least two doctors have died while infected while attending hospitals in the city of Iquitos.


This Saturday, about a dozen doctors working in the COVID-19 combat in Iquitos clamored for their transfer to Lima to be treated urgently after having contracted the virus.

“We are very bad, in my case I don’t breathe without the oxygen balloon. Every day my case is getting worse, just as there are several doctors who have to go, who need to evacuate,” said doctor Harold Cervantes, from the regional hospital of Loreto, to RPP News.

The doctor said that there are eight doctors who need to be transferred to Lima because their state of health has worsened, since in this city the medical centers collapsed due to the number of patients and the lack of oxygen to attend to them, among other supplies.

“The picture is progressing and it is affecting my lungs. I need a ball to my side to breathe, because otherwise I am not breathing. My case is very serious. I do not want to be a statistic, we want to continue working,” Cervantes added to the station.


For his part, the dean of the Medical College of Peru (CMP), Miguel Palacios, asked the businessmen who have private planes that can help in the transfer of the sick doctors who are in Iquitos, as they have not obtained a response from the forces armed, which carry out humanitarian flights in these days of quarantine due to the health emergency.

“We are waiting for Grupo Romero, for Mr. Dionisio Romero, who can help us. He has a large plane and can help us bring ten doctors,” Palacios told RPP Noticias.

The dean explained that to access humanitarian flights they have to have the authorization of the Ministry of Health, but that having not obtained it they were waiting for another alternative to be presented.


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