September 24, 2020

COVID-19 cases in Colombia go from 1,400 and deaths rise to 32

The cases of coronavirus in Colombia amounted to 1,406 this Saturday – almost half of them in Bogotá -, as authorities confirmed 139 new infected, as well as seven deaths, bringing the death toll to 32 in the country.

The daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health shows a significant increase in cases in Bogotá, which exceeded one hundred daily infections for the first time since March 6 when patient one of the COVID-19 in Colombia was confirmed.

In the Colombian capital there are 108 of the 139 new patients and three more are in the cities of Mosquera, Cajicá and Chía, close to Bogotá although belonging to the department of Cundinamarca.

The rest were confirmed in the departments of Valle del Cauca (14), Boyacá (7), Antioquia (4), Huila (2) and Córdoba (1).

The seven new infections in Boyacá, one of the departments least affected by the coronavirus, occurred in the small town of Togüí, with only 5,000 inhabitants, where one had already been confirmed on March 31.

With this, Boyacá starts to have 13 cases of COVID-19, of which eight are in Togüí.

Of the 1,406 confirmed coronavirus cases in Colombia, practically half are in Bogotá, which accumulates 695, followed by the departments of Valle del Cauca (179), Antioquia (150), Atlántico and Cundinamarca, with 47 each, Bolívar ( 45) and Risaralda (37).

Huila (34), Norte de Santander (25), Quindío (23), Cesar and Caldas (16), Tolima (15), Meta and Boyacá (13), Santander, Magdalena and Cauca ( 12).

The Ministry of Health added that between yesterday and today seven people died in Colombia from COVID-19 -five men and two women-, all aged between 64 and 84 years and with different pre-existing health problems, with which the total of deceased amounts to 32, equivalent to 2.28%.

Two of the deaths occurred in the town of Villapinzón (Cundinamarca) and the remaining five in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Tunja, Cúcuta and Montería.

Of the 1,406 positive for coronavirus in Colombia, 85 have already recovered (6.05%), and of the 1,289 active cases, 1,115, equivalent to 79.30% are at home.

Another 117 patients are in hospitals (8.32%), and 57 in the Intensive Care Unit (4.05%).


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