June 13, 2021

Courts: “I no longer take my partner by the hand and I feel guilty for being gay” – La Provincia

Since it happened to us, I have been afraid to go out or go to a disco. I have social fear and guilt for being gay. I think that if he had been straight and had a woman, he would have avoided episodes of this type. I beat myself up a lot for being gay. I no longer hold my partner’s hand when we go down the street or kiss him. I have my self-conscious freedom since that August 26

So he explained before the fourth section of the València Court one of the two men who in August 2017 reported a homophobic attack that they allegedly suffered at the hands of an unknown person with whom they had coincided the previous night in the celebration of the wedding of a mutual friend, in Ribaroja de Túria.

According to the indictment both of the Prosecutor’s Office, exerted by the special prosecutor against hate crimes, Susana Gisbert, as of the private accusation, in the hands of the lawyer Abraham Durán, after the wedding of that friend, the couple was picked up by two other guests at the wedding to be taken to València, since they lacked a vehicle.

On the way, at seven in the morning on August 26 and in a relaxed atmosphere, the co-pilot suggested, the victims recalled, “go to whores”. The two men responded, as they recalled separately in court yesterday in separate accounts full of details and in the same terms that they have maintained since the first complaint and throughout the investigation of the case, no, because “we are a couple, so fucking at best. ” From that moment on, the co-pilot, and today accused of a hate crime, another of threats and two of injuries, would have turned in the seat and would have fired it with the young man sitting in the back seat closest to he, “while shouting ‘shit fags, cocksuckers, I’m going to kill you”, both victims agreed yesterday, who also asserted how he told the driver to stop the car. And he did.

It was at a roundabout on the Ademuz track, at the height of Paterna. There, they explained, the now accused, Rafael AR, who faces a year and three months in prison, “beat us out of the car, while still shouting ‘fags, I’m going to kill you.'” First to one, and then to the other, since none could get out on their own because the security lock was on the rear doors.

“I ran away crying. I still don’t think something like this can happen today,” said one of the victims yesterday.


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