Court rejects the presidential candidacy of the grandson of a Dominican dictator

The Dominican Superior Electoral Court (TSE) ruled on Friday that Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo, grandson of dictator Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961), cannot aspire to the Presidency of the Republic in the general elections of May to come because he has dual citizenship.

The TSE ruled that Article 20 of the Dominican Constitution states that Dominicans who acquire another nationality, either voluntarily or by birth, may aspire to the Presidency or the Vice Presidency of the country, "if they renounce the nationality acquired with ten years in anticipation of the elections and resided in the country during the ten years prior to office. "

The decision ratifies a similar measure taken by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) of the Dominican Republic on February 24, which argued the same elements to reject the aspirations of Dominguez Trujillo, who was born in New York.

"The citizen Luis José Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo did not prove before this jurisdiction to have complied with the requirement enshrined in the sole paragraph of Article 20 of the Constitution, consisting of renouncing US citizenship ten years prior to the date of the election in the which intends to participate, "said the TSE in its ruling.

The court added that the grandson of the dictator Trujillo "has not been able to prove that he has fulfilled the requirement of prior residence contemplated in the same normative provision".

The decision of the Superior Electoral Court explains that in response to the documents provided to the file, Domínguez Trujillo holds US citizenship in response to his place of birth, as well as Dominican nationality by virtue of the nationality of his parents, in accordance with provided for in article 18.4 of the country's Substantive Charter.

"In short, the action denounced as damaging by the shareholder does not violate his fundamental rights, as the Central Electoral Board is limited to compliance with the provisions of article 20, single paragraph of the Constitution of the Republic," the TSE decision detailed.

Domínguez Trujillo announced last February 12 that he had registered his candidacy for the Presidency before the JCE, leading the ballot of the National Citizens Will Party (PNVC), recognized by the electoral body.

On that occasion, Domínguez Trujillo was convinced that he met all the constitutional requirements for approval, referring to the mandatory for candidates with dual citizenship to renounce their other passport ten years before the presidential elections, such and as established by the Constitution.

In several of the polls made public on the presidential elections of May 17 to come, Domínguez Trujillo appears with a higher valuation than some of the politicians with more time than him on the electoral scene of the country.


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