Court rejected the second prison order for a former sports director in Peru

Court rejected the second prison order for a former sports director in Peru

The Third Preliminary Investigation Court of Peru decided today to continue the process of corruption against the ex-president of the Peruvian Football Federation Edwin Oviedo on appearance, after rejecting the request for preventive detention for 36 months.

However, Oviedo will remain in prison for 18 months following another investigation into the murder of two union leaders of the Tumán hacienda, which he administered, committed in 2012 and 2015 in the northern region of Lambayeque.

The hearing in which the request for preventive detention against Oviedo was rejected in the case of "The white necks of the port" concluded at dawn today with the decision of Judge Manuel Chuyo dismissing the request of the prosecutor Rocío Sánchez.

In his argument, the magistrate affirmed that there was no uniformity in the facts imputed to Oviedo, who is investigated for the alleged crimes of criminal organization, specific active bribery and influence peddling as instigator.

According to the preliminary investigation, Oviedo maintained a close deal and exchange of gifts and favors with the magistrates allegedly part of a network of corruption in the judiciary, called "The white necks of the port", to favor and protect in the open process against him for the death of union leaders.

Judge Chuyo indicated that the declaration of an effective collaborator, the businessman Antonio Camayo cited by the prosecutor, does not constitute evidence of the commission of an offense and that the handing over of gifts and money to the suspended Supreme Judge César Hinostroza does not constitute a crime of bribery either.

Hinostroza allegedly directed this mafia and fled to Spain, where he is waiting for an extradition process initiated by the Peruvian justice system.

Among the gifts that Oviedo made to a group of Peruvian magistrates were, supposedly, the air tickets and tickets to see the matches of Peru in the football world cup Russia 2018.

Likewise, Judge Chuyo also added that the prosecutor omitted the elements of conviction to prove that Oviedo intervened in a ruling that Hinostroza dictated in his favor.

"For the reasons mentioned, the existence of well-founded and serious elements of conviction that requires a preventive detention will not be verified," the judge ruled.

In this sense, Oviedo will have to go to court to sign a notebook of assistance every 15 days and pay a bond of 50,000 soles (about $ 15,000).

During the hearing, Oviedo said he had "enough roots and extraordinary reasons that there is no danger of escape" and assured that "this is without a doubt the most important party of my life, it is the party of my freedom".

The leader said that "the delivery of these tickets to authorities and representatives of all the powers of the State is the policy of the Peruvian Football Federation of always, not instituted by me."

"Anyone can verify with congressmen, with the Judicial Power, with the Public Ministry, with all members," he added.

A few days ago, Oviedo denounced that the Prosecutor's Office is "pressing" him to involve "congressmen, judges, supreme and political prosecutors", in exchange for obtaining the benefits of effective collaboration.

During the management of Oviedo at the helm of the FPF, which began in 2015, Peru qualified for a FIFA World Cup after 36 years, in Russia 2018, and has now been replaced interim by its vice president, Agustín Lozano.


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