March 8, 2021

Court of Ecuador summons to the hearing of a case "bribes" that splashes Correa

The National Court of Justice (CNJ) of Ecuador set for next Wednesday the public hearing to link the tax investigation in the case of alleged political "bribes" that splashes the former president Rafael Correa and several of his co-religionists.

The Court indicated that said hearing will take place in the headquarters building of the CNJ and summoned it to 22 people who have been identified by the Prosecutor's Office as part of the instruction, among which is former Vice President Jorge Glas, the current Viviana legislator Bonilla, several former correfial officials and some businessmen.

The Prosecutor's Office suspects that its investigation is related to the crimes of bribery, illicit association and influence peddling, in the alleged illegal financing of the Alianza País (AP) political movement, when it was directed by Correa, who ruled Ecuador between 2007 and 2017.

The announcement of the date for the judicial hearing follows the decision of the National Assembly (Parliament) which, with the vote 78 legislators, denied on Wednesday a request from a judge of the CNJ to lift the immunity of legislator Bonilla, as well as the jurisdiction of Correa and Glas.

The plenary of the Assembly declared the request of Judge Daniela Camacho inadmissible, considering that the legislator Bonilla did not enjoy parliamentary immunity and that Correa and Glas also do not already occupy the charges for which they are investigated around the alleged crimes committed between 2012 and 2016.

As has already happened in similar situations, the legislative decision opened the door for justice to initiate the criminal case and continue the process.

The "Bribes 2012-2016" case is also known as "Green Rice" and is related to the alleged illegal financing of the AP group, when it was led by "correísmo", although this formation is currently led by the country's president, Lenin Moreno, Correa's former religionist, has now become his most bitter political rival.

According to fiscal investigations, among others, the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht allegedly financed AP illegally during the Correa period.

Former President Correa, who currently resides in Belgium and who has managed to evade other causes of alleged corruption, has denied the charges and warned of an alleged judicial and political persecution against him to eliminate him from the Ecuadorian electoral map.

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