Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Court allows Pentagon to continue bidding on cloud services

A US court authorized this Friday to the Pentagon to continue with the tender for the hiring of a service of storage of information in the cloud for the value of 10,000 million dollars, when dismissing a demand of Oracle, which accused the Government of favoring Amazon and Microsoft.

The dispute arose last December, when Oracle filed a lawsuit against the US government on the grounds that this tender had been tailored to its two major competitors, thus leaving it out of the process.

Likewise, Oracle alleged that in the case of Amazón there was also a conflict of interest since one of those responsible for the company's proposal had made a break in his professional career in the computer giant to work for several months in the Department. defense.

During the time that this employee worked for the Pentagon, Oracle argued, his role was focused on the technological development of the Defense portfolio, which gave him a privileged knowledge of his needs.

However, Judge Eric Bruggink ruled on Friday in favor of the Government to consider that the plaintiff company has not been able to demonstrate that there had been "prejudice" against him.

"We also conclude that there has been no conflict of interest at the level of the organization and that, on a personal level, this had no impact on the process and was not arbitrary or capricious," argued the magistrate in his decision, according to various local media.

Bruggink pointed out that the reality is that Oracle was not able to "comply" with the Pentagon's requirements when presenting its project.

The judicial decision comes a year and a half after the Department of Defense announced its intention to call the development of this system of storage of information in the cloud, known in the Pentagon as a JEDI project.

The intention of the Government is that this system is developed by private companies and is used to store – with all the necessary guarantees – decisive information on the battlefield.

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