May 16, 2021

Couples | Television | THE COUNTRY

Couples | Television | THE COUNTRY

Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, protagonists of the three seasons of Hap and Leonard, are one more example of that predilection of writers and writers for strange couples. They join a long tradition that in literature goes back to Quixote and in the audiovisual world it already has unforgettable characters, from Marty Hart and Rustin Rust Cohle of the first season of True Detective or the Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann of The tunnel, to the great Pascual and Teo, from the Spanish Slaughterhouse, to name just a few examples.

They are couples who, at times, defile wrongs and others, facen. Hap and Leonard reach the synthesis: in the first – and best – season they generate the drama in a Texas town by desperately searching for the hidden booty of a bank robbery. Greed will lead you to strange alliances and to skirt the abyss. In the second, instead of creating chaos they will solve a terrible case of a serial killer of children. In the third, and also to unravel a kidnapping, will be face to face with that American institution that is the Ku Klux Klan, what has its then Leonard (Michael K. Williams, an extraordinary black actor who dazzled us in The Wire) is not only African-American, but in the series is a homosexual without complexes, which would say any leader of the PP.

A black and gay Southerner has all the tickets for the lynching raffle. If, in addition, it turns out that he participated in the Vietnam War and is a Republican, the chaos is in himself, which is projected in some sarcastic and excellent dialogues with his partner (James Purefoy), white, conscientious objector and declared in love. while they travel the always surprising landscapes of the deep America accompanied by excellent secondary ones. The remarkable series is based on the characters of the same name created by the novelist Joe R. Landsdale. Unfortunately, nobody remembered the mother of all the police couples: the Benemérita.


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