Countries ban the flying of the Boeing 737 Max

Countries ban the flying of the Boeing 737 Max

The heart of Europe is shielded by the flights of the Boeing 737 Max 8, whose safety has been compromised after suffering this model an accident last Sunday in Ethiopia. A cascade of countries that have banned the activity of this device in its airspace, joined first, the United Kingdom, and now have followed Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Ireland and Austria, and Norwegian Airlines or Turkish Airlines have suspended the operation of your entire fleet with that model. This means that at least 142 of the 354 aircraft in service of one of the best-selling models manufactured by Boeing will remain on the ground. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) assesses the possibility of grounding these devices across Europe.

Germany has ordered the "immediate" temporary suspension of commercial flights with Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the same model that crashed on Sunday near Addis Ababa killing 157 people and in October in Indonesia leaving 189 dead, "until it is solve the doubts ». "Safety comes first," said German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, speaking to the German television network NTV.

This decision has also been taken by the authorities of Ireland, Austria and France, who join the United Kingdom, whose civil aviation authority has instructed that no Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft can fly over British airspace, which includes those who have their departure or arrival in the country.

For its part, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) indicated in a statement that the decision affects all commercial flights made by that model to or from France, or that must pass through the country.

The French air authorities specify that there is no French airline that has a Boeing 737 MAX in its fleet and they add that the agency is awaiting the progress of the investigation and the decisions that may be taken by the European or American certification authority.

In the case of the United Kingdom, according to the Civil Aviation Authority, the decision has been taken as a "precautionary measure" and pending the clarification of the circumstances of the Ethiopian accident.

The ban, which affects all flights that "take off, land or fly over" the United Kingdom, will remain "until further notice".

There would be five aircraft of this model registered in the United Kingdom while a sixth was scheduled to begin operations.

Among the companies that have chosen not to fly with the Boeing 737 MAX 8 are the Norwegian Norwegian, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, the Brazilian Gol, the Indian Jet Airways or Ethiopian Airlines itself. Also, the airline Tui has left on the ground its eight aircraft of this model. Norwegian has more than 110 Boeing 737-800 units in its fleet, a model that is not affected by this temporary suspension, the airline has pointed out. The company has a fleet of 165 aircraft (132 are 737 and the remaining 33 Boeing 787 'Dreamliner').

With the latter, there are now almost twenty countries around the world that have decided to close their airspace to the flights of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and many airlines that have left these devices on the ground.

To the European countries are added South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Ethiopia or Mongolia. Boeing shares fell 6.60% at the opening of Wall St. after losing 5.33% yesterday on the stock market - although they fell by 12% -, with which its market capitalization was reduced by almost 13,000 million Dollars.

On the other hand, several senators and deputies of the United States have asked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the civil aviation authority of the North American country, to join the rest of countries that have already closed their skies to these devices of the company Boeing

The Australian authorities have also suspended flights of this Boeing model today, both in domestic journeys and those from other countries.

The executive director of the Security Authority for Civil Aviation, Shane Carmody, has pointed out that the suspension will be in force while the agency collects more information and reviews the risks.

No Australian airline uses this model of Boeing, but other companies, such as Fiji Airways, fly to Australian territory with that type of aircraft.

Another country that has announced today the temporary suspension of flights of the 737 MAX 8 is Singapore.

The low cost airline SilkAir, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, has six Boeing 737 MAX.

Also in Asia, the Indian airline Jet Airways He has stopped flying with his Boeing 737 MAX. The company has five devices of that model.

In Latin America, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico and the Brazilian Gol They took the same decision on Monday until there is clear information about the Ethiopian accident.

The airline of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Airlines, also added to the suspension, like the Moroccan company Royal Air Maroc.

Yesterday, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 had been suspended by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Ministry of Transport of Indonesia and the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia.


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