February 28, 2021

Councilor of the PP regrets the exclusion by the group that seeks inclusion

The acting Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Jaime de los Santos, said this Saturday at the Pride 2019 demonstration that saddens him that "he is excluded from the collective that seeks inclusion".

The organizers of the Pride 2019 have not allowed to carry a carriage to the PP and Citizens in the demonstration for their pacts with the extreme right that poses a setback in the rights of the LGTBI collective.

In statements to journalists, De los Santos has urged the collectives to "work so that those who are wrong have less arguments and, above all, more culture of equality, from inclusion, you can not exclude anyone."

"I'm gay, I've had to live through adolescence in which I was excluded because I was gay and, sometimes, because I was part of a PP government – which represents all the people of Madrid because that is the basis of democracy. I am excluded, it saddens me, what it does not do is take away the desire and the energy to be here today, "said the counselor.

He pointed out that the irruption of Vox in political life is the direct consequence of democracy, of general elections and autonomous and municipal elections, which have reflected what citizens have wanted.

"Politicians have nothing better to do than sit down to reach agreements and to continue fighting for what really matters, which is to make a better world," he remarked.

In Madrid, he recalled, citizens have been on the streets for 41 years to "defend the rights of all, because defending the LGTBI collective is to defend equality and the rights of all citizens."

He has celebrated that "we live in the most egalitarian country in the world and in the freest region, with the most advanced laws in the world, and observers so that we do not take a step back and so that we continue to be not only an example, but a mirror in which others want to look at themselves. "

In his opinion, it has been "a success that on this occasion the head is led by the elderly, by the silenced within the group silenced historically" and that the politicians have been removed from the head.

"We politicians have to ensure equality and rights in the assemblies, in those places where we legislate and from where every time we advance more in equality and in the attainment of rights, which does not mean we have to be also here to claim all that has been done and to continue working for an even better future, "he asserted.

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