March 1, 2021

Councilor asks to investigate Odebrecht agreements in Miami

The commissioner (councilor) of Miami-Dade County (Florida, USA) Esteban Bovo Jr. asked on Friday to investigate all the contracts that the municipal government has signed with the Brazilian Odebrecht, after making known millionaire projects of the construction company in Cuba.

The commissioner said in a statement released by his office that since he took office in 2012 he has continuously expressed his rejection that this county of South Florida, the most populous in the state, has signed contracts with the firm, wrapped in a Bribery payment scandal in countries of America and Africa.

Odebrecht, said Bovo Jr., is "an entity that puts its economic interest before freedom and human rights, as evidenced by its collaboration with the Castro regime."

This week, the Miami Herald newspaper published a report in which it revealed that between 2010 and 2015 millions were made without explanation for projects in Cuba, including the modernization of the port of Mariel, west of Havana, and the expansion from two airports.

Disbursements were made, as in Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and other Latin American countries through phantom companies controlled by the Brazilian construction company.

Odebrecht has large-scale projects in development in Miami Dade County, including the modernization of a stretch of almost 5 miles (about 8 kilometers) of Highway 836, which crosses from east to west, and another in the Port of Miami .

Following the recent newspaper article "on Odebrecht's participation in the Cuban dictatorship," Bovo Jr. said he welcomes "an investigation into the company's business practices at the local level."

The commissioner sponsored in 2012 a non-binding issue on the voting ballot of the 2012 general election, in which he asked the voters if they agreed to prohibit the use of public money "to acquire services and projects of companies that they do business actively with state terrorism sponsors. "

The question obtained 62.4% of votes in favor, recalls the commissioner.

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