Could you live a year without 'smartphone' in exchange for 80,000 euros? | Technology

Could you live a year without 'smartphone' in exchange for 80,000 euros? | Technology

How much time could you spend without looking at WhatsApp, browsing through Instagram photos or getting a selfie with the mobile? More and more people are not separated from their smartphones. Vitaminwater vitaminized water company has proposed a challenge to US citizens in this regard. The company offers a prize of 100,000 dollars – about 80,000 euros – to anyone who is able to be 365 days with a 1996 phone and without using any concept whatsoever. smartphone.

"Did you know that one in two people says they could not live without their smartphone? "Asks the company in his web page. This contest, according to the company, offers a great opportunity to end the phone addiction. The person who will choose this prize will be the winner of a contest that the company has launched on social networks.

Participants must reside in the United States, be over 18 and use a smartphone daily before the start of the contest, as indicated by the company in the contest rules. In addition, they must publish before January 8, 2019 a tweet or a post on Instagram with the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest. In this publication, the user must explain how the time he would normally spend with his smartphone.

The challenge has already gone viral in social networks. The tweet in which the company announces the contest already has almost 2,000 retweets, 5,000 likes and about 9,000 comments. Thousands of users, even from outside the US, comment on Twitter and Instagram on what they would spend their valuable time. There are those who would dedicate it to travel, train to run marathons or spend more time with your family.

"One of my children asked me once: 'How many do I like my photo?' I understand what you do here and I like it! I would spend the extra time with listening to my family's stories ", explains a user in a tweet. There are also those who ask that the winner is a member of your family because they miss spending time with him: "Please, choose my mother! My brothers and I do not get as much attention from her as we would like. If she did this challenge, we would finally spend the time we deserve with our mom. "

For some, not having a smartphone It would not be a big change in your life. It is the case of a nursing student: "Basically I have no life at this time. My life for the next two years revolves around completing the program. Therefore, I can leave my smartphone for a year. I need to concentrate 100%. "

New challenges

There are also users who new challenges are set as reading 365 books in a year or build a park with the prize money where it would be forbidden to use telephones. Meanwhile, others reflect in their publications on how the world has changed in the last decade with the emergence of new technologies. "Photographers used to show their work in galleries. The musicians used to offer real concerts. The travelers used to learn some words from the countries they were in, they knew how to read maps, ask for directions, food and transportation, "explains a user on Instagram. musician and photographer in a publication of a photo with his girlfriend.

If he won the contest, he would invest his time "in doing real things instead of virtual ones": "Playing music instead of talking about music on Facebook, taking pictures instead of sharing everything on Instagram, enjoy this beauty [su novia] just with myself instead of showing on the networks how much I enjoy your company with people who do not really care. Without a smartphone, I could give him the wedding he deserves. "

These are just some examples of the thousands of posts by Twitter and Instagram users. Each participant can send up to four proposals. A jury will choose the winner of the contest before January 22, taking into account the creativity and originality of the proposals, the spelling correction, if they adjust to the values ​​of the brand, if they are funny and if they include photographs or videos of high quality.

The winner will be banned for a year from both smartphones like the tablets of your friends. But you can use laptops, computers and smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Once the year has elapsed, the winner must undergo a lie detection test to ensure that he has met the challenge. If you have endured the 365 days, you will earn $ 100,000. But in case you have only been without a smartphone for six months, you will get $ 10,000. If so, you will earn $ 100,000. If only it lasts six months, 10,000 – some 8,800 euros -. And you, how much would you put up with?


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