Costa Rica registers 505 people sheltered and keeps alerts for the rains

Costa Rica registers 505 people sheltered and keeps alerts for the rains

The National Commission of Emergencies of Costa Rica (CNE) reported today that 505 people are sheltered due to the rains of the last hours and announced that it keeps alerts for almost the entire country.

The president of the CNE, Alexander Solis, said today that Costa Rica has experienced "a series of events (meteorological) concatenated by the last two weeks with little room for improvement", which has caused flooding and soil saturation.

The CNE has treated 193 communities affected by the rains and to date accounts for 505 people in shelters, of which 479 were evacuated from their homes on Tuesday in the province of Guanacaste (North Pacific), the most affected in the last hours.

The entity maintains a red alert in the towns of Paquera, Lepanto and C├│bano, province of Puntarenas (central Pacific); yellow alert for all the rest of the central Pacific and South Pacific, as well as for the municipalities of Santa Cruz, Nicoya, Hojancha and Nandayure, located in Guanacaste.

The rest of the province of Guanacaste, the north zone and the center of the country, is in green alert (preventive).

The rains of recent days in Costa Rica are caused by a low pressure system located in western Guatemala that is slowly moving away from Central America, and that will maintain its influence at least until Friday.

The National Meteorological Institute of Costa Rica reported that a tropical wave that will bring rain to the Pacific coast is also expected for today.

The authorities recommended to the population to strengthen surveillance and prevention measures in areas prone to landslides and floods, and also to comply with the recommendations and orders of emergency entities.


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