March 3, 2021

Costa Rica recorded 454 deaths in traffic accidents during 2019

The Costa Rican Red Cross of Costa Rica reported on Wednesday that during 2019 a total of 454 people died in traffic accidents, while 121 died in water accidents.

Red Cross data indicate that during the past year they attended 496,780 incidents throughout the national territory, of those cases 7,921 people had to be transferred in delicate condition to hospital centers and 1,341 died.

In addition, the report reveals that the highest cause of death is due to traffic accidents involving 454 people, while water accidents claimed the lives of 121 individuals, 28 less than those reported in 2018.

“The Red Cross lifeguard posts were a determining factor to support prevention work this end of the year, and we will continue to work for the summer holidays this 2020,” said Deputy Director of Costa Rican Red Cross Risk Management, Jim Batres.

“The 2019 concluded with a considerable number of emergency and incident care that we attend daily from the Red Cross. What we can see is that the scope of our actions has allowed us to reach a large number of people throughout the country, “Batres added.

According to the expert, it is a very successful work thanks to the support of each volunteer and permanent Red Cross collaborator who through our 122 auxiliary committees we have the possibility of offering a prehospital and incident care service based on our ability institutional ”.

Since last August of 2019 the Red Cross, through an agreement with the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), has been able to strengthen its operational prevention and rescue actions in the main visitation beaches.

The Red Cross has installed lifeguard posts on beaches such as Caldera, Doña Ana Beach, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, located in the Central Pacific, as well as Ventanas, Tamarindo, and Cocles, in the North Pacific, among others, in which they have Performed 141 effective bailouts.

The authorities expressed the need for people to take greater preventive measures when they are on vacation and thus be alert to possible risks.


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