Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Costa Rica is marked as a plan to open new health protocols with China

Costa Rica will seek in the coming months to open new sanitary protocols with China to increase imports to the Asian giant and thus take advantage of its free trade agreement, Foreign Trade Minister Dyalá Jiménez told Efe.

"We need to have more open protocols" to fulfill "our strategy of deepening relations and taking advantage of the treaty with China, because we see here a great opportunity," said the minister, who is in Shanghai to participate in the International Import Expo of China (CIIE).

China is the second largest trading partner of Costa Rica and in 2018 there was a total trade between the two countries of 2,470 million dollars, with a strong imbalance of the trade balance in favor of the Asian giant, since only 199 million were exports of products Costa Ricans

All this despite the fact that the figure has increased in the last decade an annual average of 25.7% with medical devices (31.9% of everything exported in 2018), sugar, frozen beef, ethyl alcohol, citrus fruits such as The most exported products.

"We want to place a special emphasis on China, in this very interesting market, at a time when President Xi has also drawn up an import policy," Jiménez said.

In the second edition of this fair, the great commitment of President Xi Jinping to open China to the world, there are 11 Costa Rican companies, twice as much as a year ago, with a pavilion twice as large.

"We need to have more open protocols, the melon is one of them, also the frozen pork. We have open beef, leather, but we want to expand to dried fruits and continue with a list that includes, for example, mango," he added.

Coffee, water, fruit and frozen vegetables or tubers are some of the products that are being presented this year.

With the aim of boosting exports to the Asian country, diplomatic offices have been expanded in recent months and the opening of a permanent national pavilion for Costa Rican products has been signed for two years in the city of Shanghai.

The CIIE fair started last Tuesday and concludes tomorrow, after six days in which some 3,000 companies from 150 countries have presented their products to try to reach the competitive Chinese market.

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