September 24, 2020

Costa Rica has 595 cases and 56 recovered by the new coronavirus

Costa Rica closed Easter this Sunday with a total of 595 positive cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus, for 18 more cases in one day, and 56 people recovered.

The director of Health Surveillance, Rodrigo Marín, stated in a virtual press conference that these are 285 women and 310 men between the ages of 1 and 87.

So far there are 19 hospitalized patients, of which 14 are located in intensive care units, a total of 56 have recovered and 6,167 people have been discarded.

“It is important to indicate that we should not only see positive cases, but that we must assess two important factors. In other countries, there is talk of 20% who can be hospitalized and in Costa Rica we have had 9.6% in hospitals and of patients in intensive care globally it is 5% and in Costa Rica it has been 3.9%, “said Marín.

In addition, since Costa Rica diagnosed the first case on March 6, there have been three deaths. The first two occurred on March 18 and 20, both 87-year-old men, while last Wednesday, April 8, the third victim, a 45-year-old man, was registered.

During the last two weeks, on average, Costa Rica increases 20 cases daily. However, the authorities have expressed that the most critical stage has not yet been reached, so the isolation and hygiene measures must continue.

“We are facing a strong rival because it has beaten all the world powers: the United States, Spain, Italy, all have fallen against COVID-19. So far we are winning but we need to take extreme measures to maintain the results, this is not It is over, even so the measures have been extended until April 30, “said Marín.

Official data indicates that on this Sunday, April 12, there are 595 positive cases, while on Sunday, April 5, there were 454 cases and on Sunday, March 29, there were 314 cases.

“Since the first case 37 days have passed and today we have 595 patients, one sometimes feels that people are confident that it is under control. It is true that the line has been maintained, the growth curve is not exponential yet, and we hope that it does not happen yet, because there is no health system that can bear it, “said the executive president of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, Román Macaya.

The health hierarchy added that from the state institution they will do everything they can, while resources allow them, they will seek science to guide them to find solutions to the pandemic and asked the population to maintain isolation without waiting for the directive or the mandatory government measure.

The largest number of infected people are found in the canton of San José with a total of 74 positive cases, Alajuela has 71, while Santa Ana 31 and San Carlos 29, all localities located in the center of the country.

Since mid-March, Costa Rica closed its borders for the entry of foreigners, suspended the school year and massive events, including the religious activities of Holy Week.

In addition, it ordered the closure of places such as bars, clubs, parks, national parks, beaches, among others and is fining those who do not comply with the orders.

The Government has not established a mandatory quarantine, except for people returning from abroad, but it has ordered a series of restrictions on the movement of vehicles.


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