March 5, 2021

Costa Rica designs a plan to reactivate the tourism sector against COVID-19

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) reported on Tuesday that it is making progress in designing a plan to guide the reactivation of the national tourism sector, which has been highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative is divided into three phases and will begin to be implemented once the sanitary measures of prevention and restriction, focused on protecting the population, allow it and the borders to tourism are reopened, which is one of the engines of the Costa Rican economy. .

For its preparation, the Minister of Tourism, María Amalia Revelo, explained in a statement that she took the proposals into account and sought joint solutions from various chambers and tourist associations.

“The first stage was a review of the current state of our industry, definition of the three main areas of work for reactivation, and the establishment of eight technical teams to design the pertinent strategies for each of the identified priorities,” said Revelo.

According to the authorities, this work is carried out in parallel with the economic and social actions that ICT has accompanied since the beginning of the health emergency to safeguard companies and industry professionals.

Revelo explained that, in the second stage, to be completed this April, the actions of the what, how and when will be defined, as well as the budget available to execute them.

While the third phase will be a review and analysis of the plan by the Board of Directors and interested publics to then execute the actions.

The three main work areas are made up of tourists (national and foreign); the business fabric of the Costa Rican tourism industry and professionals in the tourism sector.

The authorities also established eight work priorities: attracting airlines; marketing and promotion; tourist product; industry companies; training and employment; foreign and national investment; Gulf of Papagayo (Pacific) tourist pole and cruises.

The ICT already has a schedule of meetings for the work teams for the next three weeks and once it is met, validated and decisions are made, it will be discussed by the ICT Board of Directors.

“The plan and its corresponding actions will be ready before the relaxation of social distancing and confinement in our homes, and will take effect when the borders are opened and tourism is gradually reactivated in the country,” said Revelo.

The minister called for unity in the tourism sector and stated that the plan will be the result of joint work between the public and private sectors.

Tourism is one of the main engines of the Costa Rican economy, a sector that according to the authorities at the moment is in a situation of “total emergency and a state of calamity”, due to the world situation due to the SARS-CoV coronavirus- 2, causing COVID-19 disease.

The latest data from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health count a total of 612 positive cases of the new coronavirus, of which three have died.


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