Costa Rica celebrates tourism day with sustainability certification for 75 companies

Costa Rica celebrated World Tourism Day on Friday with the delivery to 75 companies of a sustainability certification, which seeks to promote this model as a transversal and development axis, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) reported.

“Companies that have this certification promote ecological and environmental awareness, learning about sustainability actions and participation with communities; This translates into a unique and valuable experience, ”said Tourism Minister María Amalia Revelo.

The certification, which is valid for 2 years, uses criteria and indicators such as business management, social, cultural and economic management, environmental management and management of specific indicators according to the category, all are evaluated to study whether it is possible to provide recognition.

"The companies that participated this year obtained outstanding results in the business management area, which shows their commitment to excellence and sustainability," said the head of the Certification and Social Responsibility Department of ICT, Virgilio Espinoza.

One of the companies that won this certificate is the El Pelícano Mountain Hotel, a small company located in the southern part of the country and that since 2009 works under sustainable business management.

“This has been very valuable in every way. By evolving the way of hotel management to a sustainable model, we have managed to positively impact the environment and the community. Some of the actions we have developed are based on the use of solar energy and LED light, as well as on the implementation of plans to promote water savings and training for the community, ”said the hotel official, Omar Elizondo .

Among the companies that received the certification this Friday there are eight organizations that are accredited with the new version of the recognition, which was implemented last year and works as a standard.

Some of the changes that characterize the new CST Standard are that the trainings to companies are given in a group and all procedures are done online.

Another novelty is the extension of the categories, going from 6 to 9, within which are the lodging, gastronomic, tour operators, theme parks, car rental companies, coastal marine tour operators, hot springs and spa companies , institutions and organizations, as well as protected areas.

In Costa Rica there are currently 418 companies with the Tourism Sustainability Certification, delivered annually by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

Tourism is one of the main engines of the economy of Costa Rica, a country that hosts about 5% of the planet's biodiversity, which is one of its main attractions.

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