Cospedal met secretly with Villarejo in his office in Genoa to discuss the Gürtel case

The ex-secretary general of the Partido Popular María Dolores de Cospedal held a secret meeting with former commissioner Villarejo in the summer of 2009, according to reports on Tuesday the newspaper El País Y the website. At the meeting, which took place in the office of Cospedal at the headquarters of the PP with a series of measures to guarantee discretion, they spoke about the Gürtel case.

The ex-commissioner presumed before the then number two of the PP to have privileged information about the investigation of Gürtel, that had exploded a few months before. He detailed the keys to the investigation and said that she was promoted by the then Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, and Judge Baltasar Garzón. Cospedal asked him about some people involved in the plot, like Luis Bárcenas or some leaders of the Community of Madrid.

The meeting took place with great secrecy. Villarejo entered Genoa through the garage, in a PP car in which Cospedal's husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, had previously picked him up in order to avoid registering entries in the building. They took advantage of a moment when there were few people in the building and they accessed directly to the seventh floor. They waited for some members of the party to leave before meeting the general secretary. "Here (on the seventh floor) we are only Mariano (Rajoy) and I, and now he is not there, so nobody is there," said Cospedal to reassure the ex-commissioner.

Both spoke of the importance of maintaining maximum discretion about the meeting, even though Villarejo was recording the conversation. "What is important is that we are clear that if what we are talking about transcends indirectly ...", said the policeman. "From my point of view it is the same, it can not transcend", answered Cospedal.

The meeting took place on July 21, 2009. Just a day later, Luis Bárcenas testified before the judge of the Supreme Court as imputed.

The meeting took place in the presence of the husband of the former secretary general. Ignacio López del Hierro held other meetings with Villarejo in which tried to obstruct the investigations that affected the Popular Party. After knowing that information on Monday, Cospedal released a statement in which admits that her husband was dealing with Villarejo but he denies that it influenced the investigations.


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