Correos will provide banking and finance services in its 2,396 offices


The Correos Group has announced that already negotiates "with several banks" to provide banking services in its almost 2,400 offices spread throughout the national territory. A strategy to expand its non-postal services that will be promoted, especially in rural areas where the consequences of closing bank branches are already being felt. In parallel, the public company has given the kick-off to international expansion to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula and Southeast Asia. In addition, the public fima has thought this year that any package that has the Iberian Peninsula destination is received in less than 24 hours.

In this regard, the president of Correos Juan Manuel Serrano has pointed out during an informative breakfast that «While the bank is withdrawing its capacity, its offices, in Correos, happens in reverse, and seeks to expand the services it offers to its citizens ». Serrano added that "several banks" are already talking to the public company so that it can manage certain services such as management of effects, signatures or how many currents, among others. It would return to a use that had already been exercised by Correos exclusively with Deutsche Bank, an agreement that broke in 2017.

On this occasion, from the direction of the Post Office does not opt ​​for exclusivity agreements and would extend the existing service «Correos Cash», that only allows to enter or to send money and that is lent for the clients of Evo Bank, Triodos Bank and Mediolanum. Serrano added that "everything that public administrations or private companies want to do, we can assume". As an example of the above, he recalled his collaboration with the DGT when it comes to distributing the environmental badges in the post offices.

International expantion

It has not been the only novelty, since in the immediate horizon of the public operator, this has just opened a stage of international expansion with the ersto of the Iberian Peninsula as a horizon and Southeast Asia. The objective is none other than the improvement of income to achieve greater profitability for the company linked to the public group Sepi. In this regard, Serrano has justified its commitment to Southeast Asia as it is "one of the main points of origin of the parcel worldwide with an increasing volume". In this sense, the president of Correos has announced the creation of an International Business Commission.

On a closer plane, at Correos, they have opted to increase the efficiency of their office network to deliver a package anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula in less than 24 hours. «Correos must be a useful service for citizens, but also for Spanish companies », pointed out the head of the public operator who wants to be seen as a strategic ally for the internationalization of SMEs and the growth of their online business.

Among the plans for 2019 is a new logistics center, the «Rampa 7 Project», for the improvement of the efficiency in the management of goods and parcels at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. In this sense, the firm has informed that the works will begin in mid-2019 and, with the aim of being operational by the end of 2020.

10% more billing

The company expects the profitability goal to be achieved in a few years, after the results of last year and the forecasts for the next one. Specifically, the forecast is that the Correos business figure rises to 1,966.14 million euros, which represents an increase of 10% compared to 2018 when it invoiced 1,784 million euros. In this sense, it is estimated that the consideration for the Universal Postal Service (SPU) represents 7.6% of the turnover of this recently inaugurated year.

Since the company, have considered that the forecasts for this year are located in a «Climate of social peace» that they have attributed to the agreement signed with the unions Comisiones Obreras, UGT, CSIF and Sindicato Libre in December of the year psado.


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