March 8, 2021

Correos reinforces its workforce with 4,050 contracts for 10-N – La Provincia

Posthas announced that it will strengthen its workforce with4,050 contractsfacing the general elections from next November 10. The company has adopted all the necessary organizational measures to facilitate the correct development of the activities related to the elections and the absentee ballot.

Posts, whichalready reinforced its staff for the April electionsand the municipal and regional elections, will place the new hired both in roles of distribution and attention to thecitizensIn their offices.

The management of the vote by mail includes the admission of applications, their delivery to the Provincial Delegations of theElectoral Census Office, the delivery by hand of the electoral documentation sent by the Census to the applicants, as well as the admission of the vote by mail and its custody in the offices of destination until its delivery during the electoral day at the corresponding electoral tables.

Correos is also responsible for the distribution of census cards, electoral propaganda shipments, communications tomembers of the Electoral Tables, of the sending to the city councils of the list of the census and of the collection of documentation on the day of the elections.

Voters who wish to exercise their right to vote by correspondence may request it personally until October 31, except in cases of illness or disability duly accredited, in which the management may be carried out by another authorized person notarized or consularly.


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