September 20, 2020

Correos receives 116,000 applications for its 4,000 positions offered – La Provincia

Correos has received 166,000 applicationsto participate in the selective process with which it will cover4,005 jobs from your last job offer, a figure that multiplies by more than forty the number of positions offered, according to the public postal company.

The operator believes that this high number of applications "reflects the recognition of the company as a quality employer, which offers opportunities to obtain stable employment and develop a solid professional career."

These are the applications received for the last job offer launched by Correos, which alsoit constitutes its biggest selection process in the last decade.

The new jobs offered are distributed throughout the provinces of the country. The thick ones2,618 positions will be used as delivery postman functions, another 725 for postal classification agent and the remaining 662, to customer service personnel.

The public postal company incorporates these new workers based on the staff replacement rate granted by the Budgets and the agreement that the company reached with its unions last December for which it promised to generate a total of about 11,200 jobs fixed until 2020.

Two offers in one process

Thus, the 4,055 employees that the postal operator will select this year are those derived from the replacement rates of 2017 and 2018.

However, Correos has decided to jointly undertake the job offers corresponding to the previous two years,unifying them in a single process"For reasons of efficiency, general interest and rationality of processes," the company explained at the time.

Thus, of the total of 4,055 new employees that the company will select this year, 1,869 correspond to the replacement rate of 2017 and another 1,612 workers, to that of 2018.


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