Correos guarantees the provision of the mandatory postal service with a minimum of personnel

Correos has reported that since the state of alarm was decreed, it is only providing the obligatory public postal service with the minimum essential personnel and for this it has "reorganized its operations and has implemented new action protocols" that make it possible to ensure the service.

In addition to guaranteeing citizens the postal service, Correos has underlined that "as a priority" they have taken measures to protect "the health of their workers and their clients."

In this sense, Correos has specified that "last week, a daily average of 11,640 people worked in Correos in person (offices, delivery, logistics centers, the exchange office in Barajas and administrative offices throughout Spain).

This represents approximately 22% of the total workforce of the public postal company, which has 53,041 employees at the end of 2019.

Correos has reported that in the network of 2,395 post offices present throughout Spain last week, a daily average of 72,000 people was served, compared to the 300,000 people who were regularly served every day at Post offices before the State of Alarm.

The company highlights that March 19 was a holiday in the autonomous communities of Valencia, Galicia, Murcia and the Basque Country.

Most of the operations, according to Correos, corresponded to necessity services, among which the sending of money by money order stands out, which have experienced a growth of 7.32 percentage points with respect to the volume of money orders that were handled before the crisis of the COVID-19 and the packages between individuals (Blue package, national package of up to 20 Kilograms).

Likewise, Correos reminds that its offices are open from 09:30 to 12:30, Monday to Friday, with the minimum essential staff to attend to citizens who need to use the public service and remind all users to restrict their movements. to post offices only for the really necessary procedures.

In this sense, Correos is "applying all the protocols dictated by the health authorities regarding keeping the distance between people and washing hands of employees."

As for the distribution, "only strictly essential personnel are operating for the provision of the compulsory public postal service" and the afternoon shift and Saturday delivery have been suspended.

Correos explained that when a case of coronavirus has been detected, whether confirmed, possible or probable, in any of the work centers, they have applied a period of quarantine for the workers, they have closed and disinfected the physical space and They have reopened with another team of workers.


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