May 16, 2021

Correos faces this Friday a strike day in the middle of the Christmas campaign

Correos faces this Friday a strike day in the middle of the Christmas campaign


The unions CC.OO., UGT, Free Trade Union and CSIF have called this Friday a strike at the Post Office, coinciding with the time of maximum activity in the public postal company on the occasion of Christmas. All this, after the union organizations did not reach any agreement after the meeting with the post office.

The union formations have rejected, to consider it «irrosoria», the latest proposal for improvements in working conditions raised by the company at the meeting. The unions have therefore maintained the stoppage of this Friday and the rest of the scheduled calendar, which contemplates orafter two days of strike in December, the days 21 and 26, already in full Christmas holidays.

The stoppages will thus take place in the period of "maximum activity" of the company, as a result of the rebound of shipments that is recorded on the occasion of 'Black Friday' and Christmas. In particular, Correos has estimated that its activity of management of shipments grows 34% with respect to the usual average of the year in the month of November, and 25% in the one of December, with which the operator has programmed its reinforcements of cash and vehicles.

Difficult negotiations

The meeting held yesterday afternoon took place after last Tuesday, when Correos put on the table a proposal that included salary increases, the reduction of temporary employment and calls for employment to incorporate 6,755 workers in various phases, which the unions nevertheless considered insufficient.

In the meeting yesterday, according to the central, Correos has submitted, at the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, an increase of additional funds of 0.2%. This is a percentage that has estimated "a joke for a staff like the Post Office, mileurista and eight years of wage freeze, which has led to a loss of purchasing power of between 9% and 14%" .

The trade unions have recognized that some points of the proposal presented by Correos constitute progress, although «partial», and recognizing some of the issues raised, consider that fundamental aspects have been left out. Thus, with the call for strike, the unions have called for a "reasonable" increase in the number of jobs through public offers to recover the staff lost during the crisis.

They have also sued salary improvements «that recognize the postal singularity and the productive effort that the workers are making ", as well as" improvements in the rights reduced and reduced during the last years ".

After the meeting on Tuesday, Correos indicated that the measures proposed by the company allow «Face successfully» the strategic challenges of the future of the company. In addition, he assured that they represent an "important advance and unequivocal proof" of his "negotiating will and his commitment to dialogue as the best mechanism for resolving conflicts."


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