Correos denies fraud in remote voting and clarifies that erroneous tickets have no link with the certification systems

The conspiracy theory surrounding a possible large-scale fraud in the 4M elections has been revived in recent days on social media. On this occasion, as a result of the publication of photos of postal receipts in which "votes cast" are attributed to people who have used the services of the postal company to send a package or letter, but not to participate in these elections , as reported by some users. In the public company they recognize the veracity of these tickets, although they affirm that they have no "legal validity" or "effect" on the vote and deny the existence of any type of fraud in remote voting.

Correos receives 42.8% more requests to vote by mail for the Madrid elections with almost 235,700

Correos receives 42.8% more requests to vote by mail for the Madrid elections with almost 235,700

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As a Correos spokesperson explains to, the appearance of the inscription "votes cast" on receipts from people who have not voted is due to "specific oversights" by company operators that, since voting by mail is an operation At no cost, they forget to give the voter the receipt of the box, which means that this concept comes out by default on the ticket for the next operation. The printing of the tickets is not an automated process, but it is the clerk at the counter who must do it manually.

Likewise, this spokesperson reiterates that the only "accreditation" that has been voted is the "official receipt" where the sender's address and the destination polling place appear and other information such as the sending code, the admission office and that signed by the voter. However, after the appearance of these tickets, the Post Office has ordered its employees to be especially zealous and not forget to deliver the receipt of the box in addition to the aforementioned official receipt.

The controversy has fully entered the campaign after the PP made a query to the Provincial Electoral Board regarding "the management that Correos is carrying out of voting by mail in its offices." The PP, which in its letter affirms that these actions "question" the transparency in the electoral process, asked to clarify what means of proof the person who has cast the vote by mail has to justify the delivery of his vote if the The receipt is not printed and he asked the Electoral Board to take the "necessary measures" to verify that Correos is complying with current legislation. In addition, the party proposed that the postal company broadcast a press release explaining what happened to give an "answer" to the concern generated.

The body in charge of ensuring the transparency and objectivity of the electoral process agreed to send the letter from Isabel Díaz Ayuso's party to the Post Office to report the events denounced and offer a "well-founded explanation" and to give an account of the "significance of what happened." The postal company has already responded to that letter, although a spokesperson has declined to explain the terms of its response. There is no evidence that, at the moment, there is a resolution in this regard from the Electoral Board.

This latest controversy joins the campaign of communicators linked to the media terminals located further to the right, who have been hinting in opinion columns and messages on social networks for days the possibility of a manipulation of vote by mail that leads to a victory for the left in the May 4 elections. This strategy - which emulates that followed by Donald Trump, who focused his last campaign on branded vote-by-mail as fraud- The former Citizen Deputy Marcos de Quinto has also signed up.


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