October 28, 2020

Correos avoids the planned strike for this Christmas – La Provincia

Correos avoids the planned strike for this Christmas - La Provincia

Correos has reached an agreement with the unions with whichavoid the two days of strike calledin the postal society for this Friday, December 21, and next Wednesday, the 26th, which were going to coincide with the time of greatest shipping activity on Christmas.

The agreement has been signed by the public operator and CC.OO., UGT, CSIF and Free Trade Union, which have subsequently called off stoppages, according to the unions.

Under the agreement,signed for the period 2018-2020, Correos is committed to launch job offers to add 12,000 workers, of which 4,055 employees will be recruited with the offer of corresponding to 2019, and to apply a salary improvement of 9% in the period.

Likewise,the two parties undertake to reduce the temporalityup to a rate of 8%, compared to the current 35%, and improve the quality of service provision. In addition, a partial pension program with a respite contract will be established.

Paros in peak season

Correos, one of the largest companies in the country, and workers' representatives reach an agreement after the unions held demonstrations and rallies in all the provinces during the month of November and a strike on the 30th. that they were going to add the summoned ones for the days 21 and 26 of December, that now are deactivated.

The stoppages would have taken placein the period of "maximum activity"of the company, as a result of the rebound of shipments that is registered on Christmas occasion.

Specifically, Correos estimates that its shipping management activity grew by 34% compared to the usual average of the year in November, and 25% in December, with which the operator has scheduled its reinforcements of cash and vehicles.


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