August 7, 2020

Correa believes that Argentina is a "gale of hope for all of Latin America"

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said in Buenos Aires on Wednesday that the new Argentine government of President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Fernández, who took office on Tuesday, represents "hope" for the region.

"It is a gale of hope for all of Latin America, here it began democratically, in quotes, the conservative restoration," Correa said in a press conference at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, where he gave a talk the following day to attend the inauguration of Alberto Fernández.


Correa added that the Peronist victory at the polls on October 27 is also "a claim for Cristina after so much infamy, so much persecution."

The former president between 2007 and 2015 is investigated by the Argentine Justice in various cases for alleged corruption initiated during the Government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), while Correa also faces charges of alleged corruption in her country and has warned of alleged judicial prosecution and politics against it to eliminate it from the Ecuadorian electoral map.


Correa, who currently lives in Belgium, a country from which he has eluded the causes against him in Ecuador, was present on Tuesday in the official greeting of Alberto Fernández with representatives from many countries around the world who attended his assumption.

Other former presidents of the Latin American left also attended, such as Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and José Mujica (Uruguay), as well as the former Brazilian foreign minister with Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Celso Amorim.

"If our presence here is taken as a support, an accompaniment, well it is," he said, while he was considered "friend" of Alberto Fernández, whom he thanked to invite him to the inauguration.


The Ecuadorian ex-president indicated that the new Argentine Executive is one of the "lights" in the troubled situation in Latin America.

"I think that the current moment in Latin America has lights and shadows. Big lights like Alberto's triumph and other lights like Lula's liberation, but big shadows like the coup in Bolivia, like what's happening in Ecuador, which it's not news, "he said.

For Correa, the situation on the left in Latin America is worse than in the first decade of the 2000s and better than in the 1990s.

"Sooner or later, that progressivism will return, perhaps in a little tougher conditions but it will return," said Correa, who said that the weapon that the people have is "the vote."

In that sense, he considered that Alberto Fernández should have "popular support" and warned that "the bourgeois press on the right will wait a few months to start taking it out (giving it) everything and misinforming."

"We don't have media support, we don't have military support, we don't have economic support, we don't have religious support, our guarantee must be the people," he said.

He also asked that citizens have "patience" with Fernández because people "must understand that governing is difficult and that immense obstacles must be overcome."

Argentina is experiencing a severe economic crisis since April 2018, with high inflation, devaluation of local currency and poverty close to 40% of the population.

On his country, he considered that Ecuador "is outside the rule of law but nobody cares," and denounced that there are imprisoned as well as asylum-seekers in his political space.

Questioned about the presence of the Venezuelan Communication Minister, the Chavista Jorge Rodríguez, whose assistance caused an alleged malaise of Donald Trump's advisor Mauricio Claver, Correa said the United States does not decide who enters a country.

"I do not know if the United States learned that there is already a new sovereign government worthy, that it will no longer order here who enters or not," he insisted.

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