July 9, 2020

"Corporate carsharing allows companies to increase their productivity and save their fleet costs"

After leading the competitive renting market, ALD takes another step in mobility by bringing carsharing closer to the world of company fleets. This leads to a different dimension, with enormous possibilities of growth in the short and medium term until it is imposed as a tool to optimize the displacement of employees and improve the accounts of companies. From the hand of Pedro Malla, who today answers the questions that help us to better understand this new service, ALD is again placed in the forefront for mobility services of all types of companies, regardless of their size and needs It is a solution for the future.

ALD starts up a Carsharing service. Can it be considered complementary or substitute for current renting?

It is a complementary service to current renting that allows companies to increase their productivity and save mobility costs, by sharing vehicles for their trips. In the same way that workers use a boardroom, reserving it according to their daily activity, with the service of ALD Carsharing, employees have at their disposal company vehicles.

It is a system specially designed for company fleets. What advantages does it have for employers and for workers?

Corporate carsharing allows companies to increase their productivity and save their fleet costs, by minimizing the times in which the vehicles are stopped. It is a product that also optimizes the administrative and logistics management of all the cars of the client company. Workers, on the other hand, may have at their disposal a company vehicle that covers their mobility needs. Carsharing provides both companies and employees with environmental awareness and commitment, as a shared car considerably reduces the number of vehicles that circulate on the streets daily.

-How does a worker access a carsharing car? Is it a complicated system?

It is very simple. ALD Carsharing works just like any other type of shared vehicle: the employee downloads an app and registers on the platform through a personal registration. Once inside the system, the worker can reserve a car through the Internet or by telephone, selecting one of the vehicles available at the time that best suits their mobility needs. The employee accesses the car at their place of work, makes their journey and, at the end, returns it to the same starting point or another predetermined one.

Can the user of this service also use the car for private trips?

ALD Carsharing is a mobility solution that is focused on all workers, for every day, in their professional, private or mixed paths. The idea is that, once the working day is over, the worker can continue to enjoy the company vehicle also for their private trips, always according to the use policy established by the company.

What growth expectations does this new system have in the Spanish market?

This type of services, as is happening with the renting sector, will continue to grow in the coming years. We have enormous potential because we have adapted to the changes that have taken place in mobility and this innovative service from ALD Carsharing goes in that direction. The shared vehicle responds to the popularization of the collaborative economy, to the development of the concept of payment for use in which the important thing is to have a vehicle in a timely manner when needed. It is a very simple and comfortable solution that brings benefits not only for companies but also gives added value to its employees by allowing them to use company cars also on their personal journeys.

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