July 16, 2020

coronavirus: “We are leaving them to die”

LCR Honda’s sporting director tells how his father, alone and without being given a respirator, has died

“No one should die alone. My father started working at the age of 14 until he was 65. He never asked for anything. On Wednesday he needed a respirator to avoid dying and they denied him “. Your doctor, tremendous person and professional, he called me with tears to ask permission to leave him morir. This is the Spain we have. This generation has been the one who built this country, its swamps, roads, agriculture, working 14 hours a day, coming out of a postwar period. And we are letting them die. My mother is still locked up at home, unable to hug her, kiss her, comfort her, she tested positive and does not want to return to the hospital because she fears that they will also let her die, ”said Óscar Haro, sports director of the LCR Honda team, in a video on You Tube.

“What is happening to us? Who is ruling us? I had to sign an infection confirmation to take my parents to the ER because there were no ambulances and my parents were leaving their lives while they were waiting dying in the Health center, I think there are ‘politicians’ with ambulances in their parked houses. I just hope that no more people die, that no one suffers what I have suffered and that there is a before and after in all this. We have the best country in the world and we are letting him die, I do not want to find guilty parties, we all know what we are doing, I just want my daughter to grow up in a country with the same values ​​as these people whom we are letting die … A lot of strength to all and do not leave the house at all, remember this: You leave the house, not the hole! ”

And it ends: “It is time to fight together and get this country afloat. And whoever wants to sink it, we very kindly invite you to leave

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