Coronavirus: Three days confined without Public Health response | Society

The wait despairs Elena. With this Friday he will add 72 hours locked up at home by medical prescription, suspected of having the coronavirus. The woman, 40, andYesterday he explained to EL PAÍS his journey through the health system and the delays that your verification process accumulates. After more than 24 hours waiting for a health professional to come home to take a sample to detect the presence of the virus in your body, now continues to wait for results that do not arrive. "They have not analyzed my sample. I am not a priority. They are focusing on serious suspicious cases, which are those with respiratory failure and fever," explains Elena (fictitious name) on the other side of the phone.

All the information the woman receives is through her family doctor. "She is serving me very well," he acknowledges. Of the Summa 112 toilets and Public Health teams, better not to mention them. "It's inhuman. Three days without knowing what to do," he says. The increase in call volume on Summa 112 -on Wednesday it reached 750 calls, twice as much as the previous day— It has forced the strengthening of the nursing staff in the switchboards and the Ministry of Health has expanded from four to eight accredited laboratories to process the samples of the coronavirus suspects.

According to her doctor, Elena's samples will probably be analyzed this weekend and on Monday she will be informed of the results. "You feel like a fool. You are responsible, you do things right, you go to your health center when you have symptoms, you do what they tell you, and they have you here without telling you anything. And it's not just me. It's me and my circumstances because my environment is also worried. This is a disease that causes panic and they think, what if they have it too? "Elena laments.

The other 19-year-old girl suspected of coronavirus who yesterday explained to EL PAÍS her quarantine while waiting for the analyzes confirming or discarding her positive, is also still in suspense. The medical teams pledged on Wednesday to come home to take the sample for testing, but nobody ever showed up. This Friday, part of his symptoms had already subsided. "I have called Summa again and they have told me that they are reassessing the case and they will surely no longer come because I no longer have a fever. They have told me to stay at home if I have a cough, but I don't know. They tell me that if I have a fever, call them again. "


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