Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Coronavirus. The Euroleague is determined to finish the season

The only concession would be to play the three-game quarterfinal playoffs.

The Euroleague is very clear that its main objective, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, is to end the current season with the format originally planned. And that includes finish the first phase for the remaining six days, play the qualifying rounds of quarter finals and celebrate the Final Four. And that would mean weeks that include double days Y prolong the competition beyond the month of May. The only concession would be cut quarterfinal qualifiers from five to three games.

The Euroleague has admitted through a statement that this decision, which also applies to the second continental club tournament, the Eurocup, “probably” involves ending the competition “beyond the originally planned May dates” and with a frequency of matches “potentially condensed, if necessary”. However, the Euroleague is “analyzing potential alternative competition systems”, which would only be activated “if the situation requires it”.

After a videoconference meeting of the shareholders of the ECA, the body that organizes the two main European basketball club competitions, its managers assured that the competition will only resume if there are “optimal health and safety conditions” for the participants. Likewise, The organizers of the competitions agreed to propose to both the players ‘association and the coaches’ association that the players and coaches be able to “return to their countries of origin”, and asked for “commitment” by players and coaches, which includes “adjusting the payment of wages during the suspension of competitions ”. To help alleviate the financing difficulties caused by the suspension of competitions by Covid-19, the Euroleague announced that financial control rules will be “more flexible” until there is greater certainty about the evolution of the situation.

Those responsible for the Euroleague and Euro Cup also asked clubs, players, coaches, referees and ambassadors to collaborate in the awareness campaign that began this Wednesday to disseminate the sanitary measures designed to help stop the spread of the pandemic.


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