July 10, 2020

Coronavirus. The block opposition and Podemos ask Sánchez for more support measures for the self-employed

The freelancers believe that the Government has left them in the gutter in its economic support plan against the coronavirus. And the opposition, and even part of the Executive itself, too. The PP, Unidas Podemos and ERC have demanded that the Government complete with more measures the first approved shock plan to face the effects of the Covid-19 virus on the economy, extending the moratorium on mortgage payments also to rents, and a greater support for the self-employed, with exemptions in the payment of contributions and payment deferrals. During the plenary session held this Wednesday so that President Pedro Sánchez reports on the application of the State of alarm, and which has had the presence of only about twenty deputies, the PP president, Pablo Casado, has called for a “crash plan fiscal ”stressing that, once the health emergency is over,“ the economic crisis will remain ”.

The PP president thanked Sánchez for including in the approved measures proposals launched by his group, such as the line of public guarantees, measures to reduce the working day, unlock the surplus for local and regional entities, and also celebrated the approval of funds for research and the guarantee of basic supplies such as water or electricity. However, it has demanded to extend the aforementioned moratorium on rent, greater facilities for the self-employed, and that the tax reduction is not limited to the postponement of VAT collection. , but also include a reduction in Corporation Tax and cancel any tax increase provided by the Government.

Likewise, it has demanded more resources from the communities to increase health spending, since it considers that “the contingency fund falls too short” and with the advance of on-account deliveries “they already counted”, as well as the return of 2,500 million euros of VAT corresponding to 2017, pending settlement. Casado has asked Sánchez that the economic measures approved by the Government do not remain in a “gigantic Plan E”, since this time the crisis requires “fiscal stimuli” and “deep reforms” to have a “more solid production system “Since, he has regretted” he will be devastated “before the paralysis of activity by the coronavirus.

Subsidies to parties and unions

For its part, Espinosa de los Monteros, who has appeared to replace Santiago Abascal, positive for coronavirus, has also called on the Government to suspend the payment of contributions to the self-employed, as well as to suspend subsidies to unions, political parties and business organizations. , and approve facilities to recover private pension funds.

Pablo Echenique, spokesperson for Unidas Podemos, has shared the words of Casado, that Spanish society is “waging a war against the coronavirus” and therefore has demanded economic measures in this regard: “In times of war, war economy” , has claimed, before celebrating that, if in 2008 “the bank was rescued and workers were dropped”, this time “another path” was chosen. In any case, in addition to showing his “satisfaction” with social measures, such as the moratorium on mortgages or the prohibition of cuts in basic supplies, he has proposed promoting a “minimum income” for those who do not have income or are “very low” and extend the moratorium on rent payment.

For his part, ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián has warned that the country is facing “the greatest economic precipice since the scam crisis of 2008” and that, if it does not expand the coverage of the Government plan, “Lehman Brothers and the huge unemployment, misery and inequality that came later will be child’s play ”. Thus, he said that “the time has come” to debate a guaranteed basic income for those without income, and has opted for a moratorium on rent, payments and contributions to the Social Security of the self-employed, the postponement of the VAT and the “suspension” of payments for services such as water, electricity or gas.

Banking help

The PNV has celebrated the measures adopted, since it considers that “they are the right path”, but its spokesman, Aitor Esteban, has said that now “the bank has to demonstrate that it is up to the task” and has asked Sánchez “to insist on the European level “, to act with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), since it believes that” Europe has not lived up to expectations. “

Íñigo Errejón, spokesperson for Más País, has also called for a two-month ban on layoffs, as in Italy, and has claimed that instruments such as the spending ceiling or the deficit target should no longer be addressed, since “there is no criteria or rule of spending above the defense of life. ” Thus, it has asked to suspend the Budget Stability Law and a moratorium on the payment of interest on the debt.


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