July 5, 2020

coronavirus: Susana Guasch’s hard confinement: she suffers an accident

Sports journalist Susana Guasch is experiencing a worse confinement than others: she has suffered an accident and has to stay home:

“Well, it would be. I have NOT broken a fingernail in my life and right now, at home, silly slip (like all falls) and wham! Broken foot ”, he writes on Instagram.

“Worst? Having to go to the hospital and bother in these circumstances. The best? That there was no one right at that time at the Cemtro Clinic and they took care of me and plastered very quickly. I have been there for 3 days, it seems like a month ago, but well … At this rate I hope to be ready when everything returns to normal, “she ends. .

And he asks: “And how about your confinement?”

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