Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Coronavirus shoots up the number of Twitter users

The quarantine imposed by the state of alarm before the pandemic of the coronavirus has not forced to use, more than ever, all digital media within our reach to maintain contact with others.

One of the networks most benefited by this situation is Twitter, which has seen its spectacular increase in number of active users. However, the growth in users is not reflected in advertising, whose revenues are declining, according to the forecast that the company of microblogging launched this Monday, reports Reuters.

The pandemic has caused social media platforms like Twitter are vital to a larger population than usual, as people want to stay on top of the latest news from the authorities and stay in touch with their friends virtually.

According to Twitter, Total daily active users have increased 23%, reaching 164 million quarterly, thanks to the impulse for the conversation about COVID-19.

But many advertisers have reduced your marketing items to reduce costs, due to the uncertainty caused by the virus. There is also the case of a company that does not want to advertise at this time due to the fear that its brands will be associated with a delicate issue.

Twitter’s chief financial officer, Ned segal, explains in a statement that the first impact was noticed in Asia and, as it has spread throughout the world, has had a consequence on Twitter’s advertising revenue worldwide in recent weeks.

Twi’s casetter is the first known about the impact of the coronavirus about advertising on social networks. Other technology companies like Facebook or google They have not released data on the financial impact of the outbreak so far.

However, in this black context for advertising, small positive signs can be observed. And is that some companies have begun to advertise the activities they are carrying out to combat the coronavirus. This is the case of firms like Hyundai, Toyota Y GM, who are running online advertisements directly or indirectly mentioning how they were adjusting practices due to the coronavirus.

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