June 15, 2021

Coronavirus: Online gifts you can make on Father’s Day – La Provincia

TheFather’s daycatches us this yearisolated at home.However, celebrating it in a special way is possible thinking of different options than on other occasions. Theonline shoppingThey are the best tool so that your parent does not run out of gifts despite confinement.

Although in many cases, the isolation by the decree of the state of alarm will prevent us from celebrating this March 19 with him, it is enough to buy a gift online and have it delivered directly to his house.

An ‘ebook’

What better and more useful gift to spend the hours than reading. A good idea may be an ‘ebook’, where your father is distracted reading one novel after another. The Amazon Kindle is usually one of the best in terms of value for money.

It has 4Gb of capacity and a six-inch screen, as well as a resolution of 167 dpi, high contrast and without reflections. It has its own light and can be chosen in black or white.

Fire TV Stick 4K

In addition to reading, watching movies and series, it is another good form of entertainment, so your father will appreciate a gift like this. This is un multimedia device that turns any television into a Smart TV.

It is a device -of Amazon- very easy to use and very similar to a USB memory that is capable of displaying 4K quality content. It is mainly intended to quickly access Prime Video content, although you can also access Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Movistar +, Atresplayer, Rtve, social networks, games and others.

A sculpture-lamp

Spanish designer Guillermo Santomá’s lamps are much more than lamps. His is a dystopian handicraft that acquires a sculptural character. They are small works of art that can be hung practically in any house and can be purchased at Etage Projects.

Table games

Another perfect gift for this unusual father’s day is a board game, with which the whole family can enjoy. There are endless options. Enough with one as simple asScattergories, in which you simply have to complete a list of words that belong to a specific category and that start with the same letter (chosen randomly).

Funny socks

It’s time to add a little color to life. Socks are a classic gift, which can be accompanied with a touch of originality. There are packs of ‘sushi socks’, that is, socks that are sold in a plastic box placed like salmon nigiri and rolled up like cucumber makis.

Another option is the socks of the artist José Antonio Roda, author of this year’s Carnival poster in Barcelona and the Mira Madrid tourist campaign.

A concert without leaving home

Enjoying good music in company without the problems that accompany live concerts (such as getting a stomp, hearing more the screams of the neighbor in front than your favorite singer, or directly, not seeing the stage because you are short) is one of the advantages of the different live concerts that can be seen on the screens available at home, as the Agencia Efe points out.

So,give away music, and more if it is specially chosen for the occasion, it is a detail with which to have a good time with your father, singing and releasing tension. A perfect option is to turn off the lights and listen to some of those concerts that the artists are giving away these days to help pass the isolation and that spread adrenaline and positive vibes.

Or, of course, the classics of classical music and opera, which can be found on any platform; recommended (for the ease of getting to the “subject” without understanding too much), the “classical music” tab of Filmin.

And among those who always do well, we propose the mythical ‘Live Aid’ of 1985, varied and that marked an era, or that ofBruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in East Germanybefore the fall of the Berlin wall, a historic event that if it managed to restore the illusion of young people on the communist side, it may well reward a father confined at home.


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