Coronavirus | Lorenzo Mil's message that normalizes the coronavirus: "The alarm is spread more than the data" - The Province

TheTVE journalist and correspondent in Rome Lorenzo MilaHe has intervened live from Milan to talk about the latest information on the progress of the coronavirus in the country. Milá, far from generating more uncertainty in the face of the spread of the virus, has wanted to appeal to the wisdom and against the alarmism that exists due to the evolution of the disease.

"It is a type of flu that mostly affects people with low defenses, especially older people, and has a very low mortality rate, even lower than the common flu, around 2%", he stressed during alive connection on TVE's Breakfasts.

The journalist remembers "most of these infected are recovering at home as if it were a common flu. "" Less than half are hospitalized and only 25 people are in the ICU", he has given as data. And finally he has made it clear that" this is the real medical photograph that doctors here never tire of repeating. "Their final reflection is devastating:" But, boy, the alarmism is extended more than data".


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