The new COVID traffic light is approved without setting restrictions after the controversy over hospitality hours

A guide to restrictions based on the level of risk approved without measures. The tensions between the communities and the Ministry of Health on account of the new COVID traffic light have ended, for the moment, with a strange solution: the Public Health Commission has given the green light to relax the accumulated incidence thresholds to escalate the alert level, but the approved document does not contain any restriction associated with each stage of risk. At this point, huge discrepancies have been found that have prevented reaching an agreement. The heart of the matter is in the measures on the hospitality industry.

The last proposal of the Health experts was to introduce an early closure of the hotel and nightlife industry at the medium alert level while communities are mostly opting for the COVID passport as a tool to avoid restricting the operation of bars, as long as the judges authorize it. In territories like Euskadi, intention has been drowned in court. They are two opposing models that are making it difficult for the new version of the COVID traffic light to go ahead, whose objective is to adapt the indicators and restrictions to the new reality (80% of the population is vaccinated). Many regional governments are not willing, at least for the moment and with the Christmas holidays looming, to limit the activity of the hotel industry, either with schedules or with capacity.


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