Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Workers receive 2,000 euros in tips and donate them to an NGO - La Provincia

One hundred guests, according to him Cabildo of Tenerife, which has remained in quarantine until yesterday has decided to extend his stay in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace, some, as noted by the director of accommodation, Jesus Oramas, have done so for another six months "because they feel safe."

In fact, the accommodation will not stop the activity for a single day. "Morning [hoy] we will already receive new clients, "said the director. They will be specifically 50 more, according to the island government. Oramas devoted a moment to address the health team and congratulate them for having been "an example for the Canary Islands". "In my team there is a lot of sensitivity, you went through the halls and the clients hugged you, we cried together and encouraged us," he said.

The opening of "the doors after this confinement" has been possible thanks to the intense disinfection work which have been carried out throughout the hotel complex. The cleaning work has been carried out through the equipment certified by the Canary Health Service, which have powers to perform cleanings in "germ environments," as the medical director noted, Clara Gironés.

2,000 euros in tips

For the rooms in which the people who have tested positive for have remained isolated Covid-19 in the hotel - six Italians of the same group of tourists - "a special cleaning has been carried out". In fact, hygiene has been very present in recent days throughout the accommodation. Led by the little ones, who have become "true health ambassadors," tourists and workers have continuously received information for proper hand washing. "Some have even contacted their colleagues in their countries to show it to them," Gironés explained.

It is one of the many anecdotes that have been generated within the hotel in the last fourteen days and that has even materialized in a collection of tips for workers amounting to 2,000 euros. "The initiative started from the children," said Oramas, who said that when the children installed a small cardboard box so that guests could deposit messages of support, no one was expected to end up becoming a collection boat. The director has put this money in the hands of the workers who, in turn, have decided to allocate it to an NGO.

"They have not wanted to accept it but to return it to the people who need it most," said Oramas, who highlighted the work done to "be close to customers" and make it "happen as well as possible." We have broken the fear of Covid -19, we made customers feel comfortable and protected, "he concluded.


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