Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Women victims of gender violence may alert them of their situation in pharmacies - La Provincia

The Government of the Canary Islands and the pharmacy colleges of the archipelago have agreed that women who may be experiencing a situation of gender violence at home, motivated by forced isolation in their homes, they can alert you of your situation in the pharmacies in your neighborhood requesting the 'Mask 19'.

All this, after the agreement reached between the Canarian Institute of Equality (ICI) and the official schools of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In this sense, the director of the ICI, Kika Fumero, pointed out that this "has been one of the urgent measures that has been adopted to protect especially the most vulnerable women"after the publication of Royal Decree 463/2020, which declared this weekend a state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19.

The campaign under the motto 'Against gender violence, Mask 19'seeks to make available to the women of the Canary Islands "the possibility of raising the alarm in their trusted pharmacy or in the closest one in the event of gender violence."

Mask 19

He added that once a woman requests a 'Mask 19', the pharmaceutical staff will make a call for gender violence to the 112 to alert the situation, so that when contact is established with the 112 It will be specified that the call is for an incident of 'Mask 19', which will generate the activation of the care protocol that is required in each case.

Likewise, the pharmaceutical staff will be duly guided in the steps that must be followed at all times, as well as the information required.

As for the dissemination of this alert measure, pharmacies will install several informative sign in visible and strategic places.

Fumero understands that it is a "collective challenge to contain the curve of the coronavirus without triggering gender violence ", while adding" the great concern "that has generated among professionals" the confinement in their respective homes ", since it implies"24-hour coexistence with their aggressors or the opportunity to be sexually assaulted on the streets more easily when they are practically empty. "

In this sense, she admitted to being aware that "what is positive and effective to stop the curve of the Coronavirus, can be counterproductive for many women and minors", and may have "an inversely proportional effect on the curve of gender violence".

The director thanks the two colleges of Pharmacists of the Canary Islands for this special collaboration, as well as requests the sensitivity and attention of the entire population to avoid an increase in cases.


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