June 17, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Women resist the effects of the virus better than men – La Provincia

The contagion of coronavirus it affects men and women equally, however the severity of the effects and death from this disease has a higher incidence in men than in women. And this has been confirmed so far at the international, national and autonomous community levels. The key is to know why it occurs. In the Canary Islands, of the 136 people killed with the aforementioned infection, 78 are men and 58 are women, according to the data offered by the Ministry of Health. This global trend varies depending on which age group is studied. And the difference is not as high as that registered in the Peninsula.

In the Canary Islands, the official statistics of the autonomous government reflect that women are infected more than men by the Covid-19. And in the whole of the Archipelago that difference is almost 200 cases, according to data from last Monday. That is, 1,196 women infected with the coronavirus since registration began in late January, for 1,002 men. The head of the Epidemiology and Prevention Section of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Canarian Government, Amós García Rojas, confirms that, based on the accumulation of data studied, the pandemic affects more seriously and generates more deaths among men than among women in the Autonomous Community. But he warns that a specific study has not yet been carried out that allows us to know, scientifically, what this reality is due to.

In the absence of precise analyzes, he points out that there may be two explanations for this phenomenon of incidence by sex. According to García Rojas, one may be that men are more exposed to risk factors, as they tend to suffer more hypertension, respiratory problems, diabetes or cardiovascular pathologies. And, as reported since the beginning of the health crisis, Covid-19 affects more those people who suffer from this type of illness called “prior”. The second explanation, in the words of the head of Epidemiology and Prevention of the General Directorate of Public Health, is that women have a more resistant immune system to this coronavirus due to some biological factor that has not yet been identified. In short, it is a reality that more men than women die, it is not known why and it is a variable that is difficult to interpret at the moment.

The highest incidence of pathology severity and the highest number of fatalities among men was detected in China from the first weeks.

According to information published yesterday by the ABC newspaper, in Spain two thirds of the deceased and those who suffer from the serious effects of the disease belong to the male population. Based on information disclosed by The New York Times, in two American centers have decided to apply hormonal therapies. In two clinical trials, it is about giving male sex hormones for a limited time and waiting for the results. In one center in New York they have applied estrogen to men, while in another in Los Angeles they inject progesterone into men. There are specialists who doubt the effectiveness of these procedures. In Amós García Rojas’s opinion, “frankly, introducing these treatments without the existence of scientific evidence or approximations, I do not see clearly.”


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