Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Weapons, on the growth of Covid-19 in El Hierro: "We are not immune" - La Provincia

The president of Council of El Hierro, Alpidio Arms, affirmed this Thursday that the growth of cases of coronavirus on the island --there are nine currently active- shows that they are not alien to the spread of the pandemic.

"We are not immune, we cannot relax with the mask, cleansing and gels, we are no different from the rest of the world", has commented to journalists, noting that the new case is detected with the surgical intervention protocol and is not related to previous cases. "We are concerned but it is not to be alarmed, it is working properly," he added.

Weapons has insisted that "it is necessary" to come tourism to the island so he rules out closing the port and the airport since it is necessary to "live off something", although he has defended reaching a "balance" between economy and health.

Along these lines, he has pointed out that "It is essential that the Herreños understand that they must always put on the mask, at all times, it is essential", given that "you cannot be confined all your life", in reference to the fact that there will be a slowdown in the economy.

According to Armas, As long as there is no vaccine or sufficient medical treatments, "there is no other" but to apply the current sanitary measures.

The Herreño President He has called public health on the island "excellent" because it is being managed "with remarkable capacity" and there are no patients who need hospitalization as the cases that occur are mild or asymptomatic. "And if they go off, we have the hospitals in Tenerife and Gran Canaria," he explained.

Arms has affected that "people have to be convinced "of the need for a mask and" if it is not enough ", it opens the door to impose economic sanctions as established by law. "You have to do it, you can't put everyone's health at risk," he detailed.


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