Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Time of blasts to forget confinement - La Provincia

In these quarantine days, any entertainment is valid. But if it enhances Canarian folklore, it becomes more important. The musician of Santa María de Guía, Misael Jordán Hernández, he thought about bringing out his timple and doing some Folias on WhatsApp in these confined days to combat the spread of the coronavirus and appeal to the citizens to stay home.

The musician gathered eight musicians from the Canary Island home: Ana Gil (Gran Canaria), Carmelo Padrón (El Hierro), Patricia Muñoz (Tenerife from Gran Canaria), Achimencey (La Graciosa), Lidia Moreno (Majorera from Almería), Salvador Villalba (La Palma), Ciro-Mercedes-Cirillo (Lanzarote), Besay Pérez (Tenerife), Ana Isabel Mena (La Gomera), Iván Quintana (Gran Canaria). One and each of them voiced the chords of Jordan in a video in which they also participated Expedito Suárez, Roberto Araña Y Moraima Jordan.


Among so much uncertainty
As if it were an omen
Let's avoid contagion
Changing our habit
From the sea to the summit
A virus overwhelms us
More his damage is delayed
And it causes less impact
If we avoid contact



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