Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Thirteen users are transferred from a residence in Tegueste to hospital centers - La Provincia

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has taken a series of exceptional measures due to the situation that has arisen in the San Marcos de Tegueste Residence, in Tenerife. In this sense, on Sunday afternoon the transfer of 13 users of this residence began to hospitals on the Island. Therefore, the center was cleaned and disinfected by the UME. In addition, the ten users who remain in the center and who have given negative results have been isolated. In this way, active follow-up will continue both for hospitalized cases and for those who are isolated in the center, which, moreover, has already been disinfected by the EMU.

The Ministry is taking exceptional measures to monitor and control this center, where five deaths have already occurred, after detecting that the current situation of infections does not correspond to the forecasts that the technicians of the General Directorate of Public Health had made in If all the measures established by the protocols were properly implemented, as has happened in other residences with positive cases of COVID-19.

In a first phase, it had been determined that 18 people residing in this center had tested positive and a total of 11 were transferred to hospital centers, of which five died. For the rest of the 23 residents who continued in the center (six of them positive), a series of isolation measures had been established to avoid contagion. However, this weekend it has been found that of the remaining 23 residents, 13 have tested positive and are asymptomatic and 10 have tested negative. In addition, of the 25 workers at the center, one has tested positive; another person is waiting for results and the rest have given negative.

The Ministry of Health has ordered the transfer of these 13 positive users to hospital centers and has established a strict isolation protocol for the ten users who remain in the center. The workers who have tested negative continue their work normally, attending to the security measures established by the protocols.

In the Canary Islands, to date there have been seven deaths with the COVID-19 coronavirus related to nursing homes, all of them in Tenerife, five in this Tegueste residence; one at the Santa Rita Home in Puerto de la Cruz and one at the Fasnia Senior Center.


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