Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: They warn about the delivery of defective masks in the Post Office - La Provincia

CCOO and UGT have learned that the Ministry of Health has ordered the removal of a batch of masks after verifying that they do not comply with European regulations. Specifically, it is two lots from China, one of which from the manufacturer "Garry Galaxy", it has turned out to contain defective masks that are identified by a green packaging, with the inscription "N95" and barcode 6-972306-630042 that is presented as an FFP2 self-filtering mask.

Given that there is a risk that this batch of masks in addition to having been distributed in some administrations and autonomous communities, has also been provided to Correos, as it seems to have been verified in some province, CCOO and UGT have demanded that the Company's Management immediately check and report whether they have been supplied with masks from the identified batch as defective or of a similar type, which, since it is not approved, may represent a risk in its use for the health of workers.

"We demand the immediate isolation of the workers affected by its use to prevent the growth of the postal curve due to coronavirus, with more than 3,000 cases in the entire State, of which almost 900 are positive and 2,200 are in quarantine, "union organizations have declared. Data that place Correos as the most infected group in the country, only below the toilet and above the state security forces

Along these lines, the majority trade union organizations in the Post Office have claimed that, if the existence of such defective masks is confirmed or that there are mere doubts about the effectiveness of some of these protective elements, proceed immediately to its removal and replacement, by approved and valid FFP2 masks due to the risk of the template to contract the SARS-CoV-19 infection.


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