Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands | “They give me all the medication together so as not to waste the protection material” – La Provincia

Javier has been admitted since last Thursday, March 19, in the Canary Islands University Hospital, in Tenerife. Had given positive in coronavirus and thanks to the medication it is improving. He wanted to send a message in the form of a video, mainly to urge the population to “please respect the health recommendations.” “Stay homeBecause it is the last way for this virus to stop. “

“We have a collapsed healing, there is no sanitary material for staff to cover and protect themselves“To explain the situation you are experiencing, comment on what happened to you this morning.” I have scheduled a treatment that they have been giving me lately throughout the day. This morning I was given the one-time treatment“One nurse’s explanation was that they are constantly avoiding going to see patients.”so as not to waste the protection material they need to take care of them

Today a shipment of medical supplies has arrived to the Canary Islands from the Government of Spain It includes 80 boxes of gloves, 14 boxes of gowns, 65 boxes of PPE and 20 boxes of masks (124,000 units).


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