June 18, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The ULPGC delivers the first equipment to students with a digital divide – La Provincia

The Vice-Rector for Students and Sports, Antonio Ramos Gordillo, has started this Friday the personal delivery at home to the first students of the ULPGC they will receive a new computer to be able to face the studies in non-face-to-face mode, given that they had stated their lack of means in the survey that this Vice-Rector sent to the students to find out how to alleviate the digital divide of some of them.

In the act of delivery, the students sign a document in the form of a small contract by which they accept the receipt of the computer for use in non-contact teaching caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19.

The Vice-Chancellor has been interested to know if they are progressing in their studies and has encouraged them to continue the effort to be able to pass the course properly.

Just yesterday, the ULPGC realized the “technology bonus” initiative which could benefit in case of need up to a few thousand students. It is a set of laptops, tablets and Internet connections via 4G SIM cards that will be delivered to the homes of students with difficulties in accessing the essential technological resources to successfully face the modality of non-contact teaching.

The launch of this ULPGC initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Gran Canaria Council, which will bring 150,000 euros for this purpose, and the Social Council of the ULPGC, which is finalizing additional financing from the business help, and from companies like Telefónica that, through its Telephone Chair, has made its logistics capacity available to this program, and whose collaboration has allowed it to design, together with the IT Service of the ULPGC, the development of technological material and delivery to its recipients .


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