Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The six recommendations to avoid chaos in supermarkets during the coronavirus crisis - La Provincia

Full cars. Long lines. Toilet paper. Empty shelves. An image that has been repeated in Canarian supermarkets. For this reason, in these delicate moments, supermarket workers They recommend six things to customers, starting this Monday, March 16 and during the duration of the coronavirus health crisis, along with the state of alarm throughout Spain:

- Come to buy one person per family.
- Avoid coming elderly and risk groups.
- Do not come shopping with children.
- Use gloves and deposit them in the garbage that is distributed by the store.
- If you cough, cover yourself with your elbow.
- Try to pay by card to avoid contacts.

Hiperdino's message of calm to consumers in the Canary Islands

The health crisis unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic that affects the world, and that has forced drastic measures in Spain and the Canary Islands, has led many consumers to go to supermarkets and grocery stores to compulsively supply products.

In the Archipelago this situation also it is being noticed in large stores and supermarkets with customers who carry crowded cars and empty shelves, especially of some products like bottled water, milk and toilet paper.

In the middle of this surge of uncertainty and compulsive shopping, the Hiperdino supermarket chain has launched a message of tranquility through its social networks aimed at consumers in the Canary Islands. "From HiperDino", the message begins, "we want to transmit a message of absolute tranquility since we guarantee the supply of products in all our stores. Our employees work to provide the best service. We invite responsible consumption."


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